papa_will (papa_will) wrote in marriage_debate,

Are you sick of getting jerked around?

This post is dedicated to gullible Americans everywhere.

Are you tired of getting jerked around like a psychotic marionette yet? The Gay Marriage "issue" in politics is very well known to be a Republican ploy to motivate people to go to the polls and vote for them.

Now, some of you would, with good consideration, do this anyway. You vote regularly, you are Republican, and you either like what Candidate X stands for, or you didn't research but you're going to vote for him (or her) because that's the candidate for your party. You didn't need a cattle-prod to go to your voting site. You're doing what you would anyway, and this message is not for you.

But if only went to your voting place to vote for a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union between one (1) man and one (1) woman, and then happened to vote for a bunch of Republican and/or conservative candidates while you were there... you've been had.

Republicans know that homophobia runs deep in this country. They were trying to milk that. Republicans don't want you to think about millions of dollars shooting out the end of a gun in Iraq as we repeat Vietnam. Or how many people we're killing every day, all over the world, in the name of peace. (Or whether this is more or less than how many we're "saving" by banning stem-cell research.) Republicans don't want you to think about their disreputable candidates recently in the news. They don't want you to think about any of the issues around freedom in American life, because they've done a pretty good job of making National Security into the next KGB. They don't want you to think about a lot of the quality-of-life issues that they're making worse. They definitely don't want you to remember that we live in a country that generally disapproves of the president (68-31 popular opinion).

No, so they've got to come up with something to distract from the real issues. Hmmm...

Republicans know that a lot of people would rather "save marriage" by going out of their way to narrow a definition than to stop abusing their spouse, stop drinking, stop spending the family money on stupid things, stop fighting dirty, stop cheating, start treating a spouse like an equal, start really communicating, or start doing what the spouse wants to do for a change. Republicans know that "saving marriage" sounds heroic and glamorous. What ever happened to "Take the beam out of your own eye..." (Matthew 7:5, Luke 6:42) ?

Republicans know that they can pull the heartstrings of a lot of gullible people who believe it is their religious duty to impose a part of their faith on the general populace in a non-theocratic nation.

Republicans know that you'd rather lash out at a group of people you don't know, to feel better about yourself, than to do the real work to improve your life: research your candidates, improve your relationships, build your own self-esteem.

If you weren't going to vote anyway, and you did because of a gay marriage amendment, you've been duped.
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